A church is being born in Iran and Afghanistan-


We are on the front lines!


RIGHT NOW Iran and Afghanistan are the top 2 fastest growing Evangelical populations in the world. (Operation World statistics)

 (These are Persian culture Farsi speaking regions)



  • Millions of unreached Iranian Muslims
  • Equipping the leaders of this emerging church


Kamran excepted Christianity over Islam through several encounters with the person of Jesus Christ. Now he is a leading force in the salvation of his people through satellite programming. His show, “Lessons in Love” or “Darse Eshgh,” Is quickly becoming a favorite of the Iranian youth and Persian culture. You can check out some of the shows on his Farsi YouTube Channel.


You can be a part!


Suzy has traveled the world encouraging creative worshipers to be who God made them in to be in their unique giftings. Her shows, “Lessons in Worship” or “Darse Parastesh,” are releasing the power of God in worship and raising up leaders in the underground churches in the spirit of true worship through the sound indigenous to their land.


You can be a part!


These cutting edge shows are not only reaching millions of unsaved Muslims in their homes but are helping to shape and equip the fastest growing church in the world.




happened- (recorded and broadcasting 24/7)

  • Lesson’s in Love” (Darse Eshgh)- 90 powerful, life-saving programs
  • Lesson’s in Worship” (Darce Parastesh)- 4 scripture-based worship training programs with fresh new songs for the Iranian church, prophetic encouragement and training in new songs, hymns and spiritual songs.
  • many highly impacting live Church 7 programs and special interviews
  • Dream Interpretation: Many Muslims are having dreams of Jesus and don’t know who He is! Our dear friend Jeannine went to Dallas with us and recorded a whole season, 13 episodes, on dream interpretation.
  • Shape the Sound of a Spiritual Revolution“: In January we recorded b-roll and wrote songs with the band for our upcoming reality/documentary.
  • A Heart for Muslims” a 7-Step course download video series plus workbook. Kamran recorded to help Learn how to connect heart to heart with Muslims. Pre-Order NOW by clicking here.
  • Voice of the Father” (Sedaye Pedar)- Suzy has recorded 9 episodes speaking about hearing the voice of the Father for themselves!



    • Kamran ‘s continuous recordings of Lessons in Love for these hungry souls
    • Dream Interpretation: Many Muslims are having dreams of Jesus and don’t even know who He is! More episodes to be recorded
    • Kamran’s online course A Heart for Muslims: 7-Steps to the heart of a Muslim is available now. Click here to order.


going to happen-

  • Bringing many more life-changing, impacting, current teachings to lead them to Christ and equip and fill them like the Lord did with Kamran, Suzy and some of their friends that have a heart to reach out to those in the Middle East and see lives changed.
  • Shaping the Sound of a Revolution” with Suzy, Stephen Roach, and Songs of Water for these thirsty souls. This will be a reality show series of the process of bringing the power of Holy Spirit into original worship songs with the indigenous sound of Iran and the Persian culture using Persian worship leaders who have had to flee the country. If you would like to join us on this journey please click here. We will be finishing up our filming with the team in August 2018.
  • June 9th at 6p BENEFIT CONCERT for Shape the Sound of a Spiritual Revolution at Awake Church in Winston Salem, NC with Suzy and Kamran Yaraei, Mohommad (a persecuted Christian worship leader from Iran), Stephen Roach and Luke Skaggs with some of their Songs of Water team, Sarah and John Mark McMillan and Don Potter!

Click here to come and Shape the Sound with us!!!

We are inviting like-hearted individuals and or ministries to be a part of this timely movement. click here to join our support team

**If you are serious about joining our monthly support team and need more info we can set up a personal Skype meeting. Email us at contact@ksministry.org







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