War and Paradise- Audio

This book is an epic fantastical journey I had with God through my imagination starting in 2005 and continuing through 2006. Join me in this timeless adventure and have your faith lifted to new heights as we fly through other worlds and heavens and fight for Father Lyon!

War and Paradise Audio Book



In this inspirational fantastical dream-journey, ride the flying horses, Jade and Spirit, with Kamran and Suzy through many wars, heavens, worlds, and paradise rest stops. This book will lift you up into other world adventures and fill you with faith, hope, courage, and passion for your own life. Interpret the messages and apply them where you are. Great for all ages… come fly with us and maybe in the end you will say… “It wasn’t a dream!”

Author Suzy Yaraei went to Tin Town Sound, Don Potter’s studio, to record this audio book for you to enjoy.


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